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    Carlo is crucial to the company's and my own success. He constantly takes on new challenges and the projects that require the most work and problem-solving. He helps push the business to new levels, and is a leader and go-to person for the entire team.

    Bjorn Turnquist
    Director of Product Management, SNL Financial

    Carlo is extremely bright, innovative, and energetic. He has great analytical and problem-solving skills, and is always focused on creating the best customer experience possible -- both from a product and a support perspective. And perhaps most importantly, he is always very professional, respectful, and a true pleasure to work with.

    Jennifer Faenza, MBA
    Vice President of Product Management, Minted

    Carlo is very insightful and perceptive, with a rare combination of strong people skills, strong analytical and conceptual skills, and strong computer skills. He brings these together admirably to work with people and create what they want and need.

    Martha Maznevski, PhD
    MBA Program Director, IMD

    Carlo is industrious, persistent, and highly efficient. He is self-motivated and has great Internet instincts, as well as pleasant people skills and a respectful, professional demeanor. He would be a real asset to any company with Web commerce goals and objectives.

    Geoffrey Sadwith
    Director of Marketing, ON24

    Carlo is a sharp young man and made a great contribution to our company while working here during the summer.

    Adrian Scott, PhD
    Founder, Coderbuddy

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